How long will naturally dyed items keep their color?

Answering this question is challenging due to the varying color retention levels of different dyes. The longevity of color preservation differs across dyes, with the most lightfast options maintaining their vibrant hues for several years before noticeable fading occurs. Conversely, certain dyes may only retain their color for a few months before experiencing significant fading. It's important to note that naturally dyed items are generally more susceptible to fading when exposed to intense light compared to their commercially dyed counterparts. To ensure optimal preservation, it is recommended to store naturally dyed items away from direct sunlight.

How should I care for my naturally dyed items?

While naturally dyed products can exhibit remarkable colorfastness and lightfastness. Due to their greater susceptibility to fading compared to commercial dyes, it is advisable to prioritize spot and surface cleaning whenever feasible, as washing can accelerate the fading process. It is alsoo important to note that many natural dyes are sensitive to pH changes and should not be washed with regular laundry detergent. If a complete wash is necessary, employing a pH neutral detergent devoid of enzymatic cleaners like Eucalan, Woolite Delicates, or Synthrapol is recommended. For most wool or silk items, hand washing is the preferred method. It's crucial to avoid dry cleaning naturally dyed items, as the chemicals involved in such processes can not only remove grime but also strip away the vibrant colors you intend to preserve.